Beat The Keeper – UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Matchday 4

Welcome to Beat The Keeper Euro 2020 Qualifying Matchday 4, an alternative to the real competition. This series will be running until November, with 10 …

29 thoughts on “Beat The Keeper – UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Matchday 4

  1. ur mom gae 69-420 July 15, 2020 at 10:20 pm - Reply

    In Group F you gave Faroe Islands three points even though they only collected one in total.
    Just saying

  2. Scandinavia didn’t do too well lol. Only one of them even got a tie!

    Also, Luxembourg is just trouncing Ukraine aren’t they? 2 wins by a combined score of 6-1? 😲

  3. Some big upset wins today for Luxembourg and Gibralter.. In fact I believe Luxembourg have beaten Ukraine twice in this thing now. Being half Irish I hate seeing them lose to Gibralter even if they are technically a British Team 😛 (Take your politics elsewhere thank you.).. Either way I really enjoy this series and whilst I appreciate this takes a lot of work.. A premier league version or even an FA Cup version of this game would be really cool.. Good stuff 🙂

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