Countryballs Marble Race UEFA EURO 2020 Qualification

Marble Race with countries. I made this video in program Algodoo. Hello! This is my new marble race video. I added all countries from UEFA EURO 2020 …

26 thoughts on “Countryballs Marble Race UEFA EURO 2020 Qualification

  1. Thank you everyone for fair criticism. Opinion of my viewers is the most important for me. There were few mistakes in this video. First of all, sorry for spelling mistake "Czech Republic". Secondly, Spain lost to Faroe Islands. I honestly didn't notice that Faroes finished before. As you can see, it was a close run. So Faroe Islands won. And also, for everyone who said it's corrupted video – if it will be corrupted – than every favorite would have won. But we have only few of them in the winners. Czech, Slovakia, Bosnia, Iceland, Slovenia, Serbia. They aren't favorites at all. Anyway, sorry for this mistakes. I respect you for your attentiveness.

  2. George Macpherson July 1, 2020 at 5:35 am - Reply

    England won the group. I don’t see why you put the Czech Republic as group A winners when England would have won it from the start.

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