UEFA Champions League Finals Stadiums (1956-2020)

List of all UEFA Champions League / European Cup Finals Stadiums from 1956 to 2020. European Cup and UEFA Champions League finals.

* – after extra time
[R] – after replay

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– UEFA Champions League Stadiums 2018/19:
– UEFA Champions League Winners:
– UEFA Champions League Stadiums 2017/18:
– Top 10 Biggest Champions League Stadiums 17/18:
– UEFA Europa League Finals Stadiums:
– UEFA Super Cup Stadiums:

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  2. Dear Sirs @The TCF YouTube channel: you don't know me but my name is Apolonio Molina Romero Jr AKA Paul Romero and I Really Love your YouTube channel and soccer-specific stadiums ?️ ?.
    Thank You ? sharing this with us here on YouTube.
    I have my bell setup to receive instant updates from you.
    Agape Christian Love to You from Spring Valley ? California USA ?

  3. To all people saying Dortmund should host the final soon only one problem the seating capacity is gonna be reduced for the final then since the standing areas cant be used in ucl games

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