37 thoughts on “Algeria England USA Slovenia 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Group C

  1. @xxxgregaxxx no because the judge stole victory from the US the game was good but the incompetent idiot ref destroyed it

  2. Saco de pipoca R$1,00 / tela de LCD R$1.200, / ver os americanos chorando por terem sido roubados, isso mesmo INJUSTIÇADOS! eles mesmos! por causa de um gol LEGÍTIMO anulado pelo juiz em um jogo de FUTEBOL na copa do mundo… NÂO TEM PREÇO!

  3. USA is a good team it's just that they don't try…. Well that is until they start losing once there down in points then all of a sudden they just start slaughtering the other team and the other team can't keep up. They need to do this in the beginning of the matches if they want to stay in….

  4. @2000gpg

    i commented on the last match against US
    tat england superstars can play well together and thats how they finished
    also england player hv to overcome ego factor between superstars
    and u cd see it in the shots they had, none wr clear shots

    bruteforce cant win matches, team chemistry does, US is very composed

  5. @Tainted369

    USA put the best fightback of the WC and u can be proud of tat
    USA looks far more composed than england

  6. @modum03

    ya they talk a lot of crap
    the crapstars loaded team cdnt score one against algeria
    while USA put the best fightback for the WC so far

  7. USA slipped up at the start but they quickly got on top of it, England was messy, we can do so much better. No doubt about it though, US played well.

    Pretty disappointed. Hopefully this is just warm-up.

  8. @MALDASF They played well (usa) i was surprised ! but you know that they are not one of the best equip, in fact it is impossible that they arrive in semi-final and even less that they win

  9. i forsee that an european or south american team will win this World Cup(is that a safe bet or what?).
    Good luck USA, good luck UK.

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