Beat The Keeper – UEFA Euro 2019/20 Group Stage Matchday 3

Welcome to Beat The Keeper Euro 2019/20 Group Stage Matchday 1, an alternative to the real competition. Matchday 1 – Matchday …

26 thoughts on “Beat The Keeper – UEFA Euro 2019/20 Group Stage Matchday 3

  1. My predictions of how would it finish in RL
    Belarus 0-4 Swiss
    Italy 2-1 England
    Croatia 2-3 Portugal
    Albania 0-3 Czechia
    Liechtenstein 1-2 Israel
    Slovakia 3-1 Cyprus
    Romania 2-5 Netherlands
    Sweden 3-3 Spain 4-5 on pens

    Swiss 4-2 Italy
    Portugal 2-0 Czechia
    Israel 0-3 Slovakia
    Netherlands 4-1 Spain

    Swiss 3-1 Portugal
    Slovakia 1-2 Netherlands

    Swiss 0-3 Netherlands

    Netherlands is the winner

  2. England getting through by the skin of their Teeth..We've been pretty sloppy so far.. We need to perform better in the knockout stages.
    France possibly the most surprising exit so far.
    A lot of Underdog teams pulling off some big surprises so far, could one go all the way?
    Good stuff 🙂

  3. Вот так всегда,отбор проходим прекрасно,а на Евро обсираемся:(

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