42 thoughts on “Chile v Cameroon, 1998 FIFA World Cup

  1. Jejeje and the Referí waited to long for the red Card…this guy is a wrestler not a fútbol player…..oops Pepe be careful.

  2. That last red was a yellow. But how it seems like they were playing, I guess you can't blame the ref. Plus if you can't win with 2 or even 3 players advantage, then you dont deserve to win lol

  3. mapuche azul de la U August 6, 2020 at 6:45 am - Reply

    Cameroon: ips wada lemnfirke ouguodugio, tal guy hatch lompre, chili: whiscj, ips, nmerdey scergyuo, ips twandu um tehrxef in yuzbimhge

  4. هدف شرعي للكاميرون لم يحتسب ،لماذا لم يعرضوه ؟؟؟ الكاميرون تستحق التأهل

  5. Qué nitidez y qué resolución la de estos videos de la FIFA…tanto tiempo que ha pasado y se ven como si fueran actuales!

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