FIFA World Cup 2018™: How Iceland Overachieved

The word “historic” gets thrown around in football like confetti. But there can be little doubt that Iceland’s qualification for the 2018 World Cup™ finals in Russia …

23 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup 2018™: How Iceland Overachieved

  1. "Iceland showed the world that international football still means something." I think that international tournaments do mean a lot even in this day and age. When do you see celebrations of club fans after knock out or group stage wins? World cup is still the pinnacle of the game. Club football is money and business.

  2. It's cause they play competitive football they are like a bunch of boys playing a football match chances, shots, goals all in a second yet very dangerous on the counter with awkwardly scored goals that are somehow hard to save, (I'm talking about you Joe Hart -_- lol)

  3. Lagerbäck, I always hated his maneging style and boring football. But I have to say he did a really good work with Iceland. Respect to Lars.

  4. Iceland punch above their weight like no other nation I've ever seen. Thoroughly deserved to beat my shambolic England at Euro 2016, yet were nothing but dignified and respectful about it. Then they followed that by reaching the World Cup. I don't ever want to hear nations like Scotland prattle on about "not enough people" again, these lads prove that all you need is 23 good hard workers.

  5. I really hope they win at some point, if they keep improving at some point I believe they can accomplish a eurocup or world cup.

  6. The nicest thing about the whole story, which wasn't mentioned in this video, is this – as Iceland have risen to become a credible football power punching well above their weight, the inspiration it has given to ordinary Icelanders has caused the country's obesity levels, and particularly its childhood obesity levels, have fallen through the floor, in stark contrast to most of Europe. Iceland's progress as a footballing nation has, in a very real way, saved lives.

  7. So many encounters with Croatia, eh. Strangely fitting (and sad), that in the end they were defeated by Croatia yet again, and failed to reach the knockout phase of Russia 2018.

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