50 thoughts on “UEFA EURO 2012 | Spain's Winning Formula

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  2. wow.its really dificult to win euro online playing spain.i won 4 times playing poland.thats a fuckin achievment!

  3. Well that's what Spain did….

    Having 6 in the midfield actually doesn't work in FIFA. (One can put 2 wingers as LW and RW while having one CDM, two CMs and a CAM.(

  4. you don't understand it at all, its a prediction! this video was made before the euro cup and thsi is how they think spain SHOULD play not how they HAVE played

  5. You make it sound like the game is made by one person. The people that make these videos don't also develop the game. Chill out and maybe thank the developers for once for making such an incredible series. They aren't dedicating their lives to pissing you off, it just makes sense that it might be a bit difficult to manage a multi-million dollar game franchise. Try not to act so entitled.

  6. i was a spain fan even when they sucked before and it really suprised me that now there the best team in the world

  7. These guys obviously didn't watch the Euro cup, they should know that Spain plays in a 4-6 and can win easily.

  8. Pretty cool, looks pro, but, where the fuck is Busquets? Without him, Spanish defending gets reaaaaaaaally bad, get Alonso or Cesc out (if Torres is playing, keep Alonso on the team, if he's not, Spain doesn't need him) and PUT BUSQUETS!
    Sincerely, a Spanish guy who actually watches spanish football, not bullshit simulation

  9. whats this guys life accomplishments got to do with how good f.torres is? Oh and just for the record he's shite, Cesc up top for ESP? good call del Bosque! 🙂

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