38 thoughts on “Italy vs South Korea 1-2 FIFA World Cup 2002

  1. Y despues en el 2009 el tecnico d corea sufriria algo similar en el chelsea vs barcelona jajajajaj, consolo y detuvo a drogba jajajj

  2. Италия-Испания должен был быть четвертьфинал тогда в 2002☝️
    Тупорылое судейство!
    Розанов комментатор топовый кстати)
    Так же Португалия должна была выходить из группы с Южной Кореей

  3. 日本単独開催国だったのに

  4. Martin hwang ivanowsky September 28, 2020 at 6:13 pm - Reply

    Well bro watch the full 90 minutes game and decide the performance of South Korean players ,an 11 min video of entire game can't justify the opinion of fair play or foul play, shit people here accusing entire south korean people here ,
    bruh I can put short clippings compilation of trump and show he is best friend of Kim Jong un in the internet

    Plus in 1934 world cup won by Italy is regarded at the worst scandel in world cup history and don't forget about Brazil scam against turkey

  5. Even though I am Korean, even though the 2002 World Cup is a soccer myth of Korea, the match against Italy was very bad. The Italian game was very serious and the Korean players couldn't live. I don't know about the game.

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