2014 FIFA World Cup – Group Stage – Predictions

The World Cup is quickly approaching, who do you think will succeed?

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  1. although u got your first prediction right brazil winning Croatia by 3goals to 1.but I disagree with you on group f Nigeria would qualify from that group with 7points.until then lets watch and see

  2. I agree with most of what you're saying, but i don't think that group G is the group of death. I think that group B and group D are tougher groups. I think that you're overrating USA because you're patriotic, which i also tend to be when Denmark is competing in a major tournament 🙂
    But overall i agree with a lot of your predictions. Great video! 🙂

  3. This is my predication
    Group a: Brazil and Croatia
    Group b: Spain and holland
    Group c.colombia and Ivory Coast
    Group d. Italy and England
    Group e. France and switezland
    Group f Argentina
    Group g: Germany and Portugal
    Group h: Belgium and Russia

    This American dude got all of England and one France match predication

  4. group A Brazil Croatia
    Group B Spain Holland
    Group C Colombia Ivory Coast 
    Group D Italy Uurguay
    Group E France Swizterland 
    Group F Argentina Nigeria 
    Group G Germany Ghana 
    Group H Belgium South Korea 

  5. Group A= Brazil & Mexico
    Group B= Spain & Chile
    Group C= Colombia & Japan
    Group D= Italy & Uruguay
    Group E= France & Switzerland
    Group F= Argentina & Bosnia
    Group G= Germany & Portugal
    Group H= Belgium & Russia
    Last 16=
    Brazil 3-0 Chile, Colombia 2-2 Uruguay (p 2-4), France 1-0 Bosnia, Germany 3-1 Russia, Spain 2-0 Mexico, Italy 1-0 Japan, Argentina 2-0 Switzerland, Belgium 2-3 Portugal
    Brazil 2-1 Uruguay, France 0-4 Germany, Spain 0-0 Italy (p 5-3), Argentina 4-1 Portugal
    Brazil 1-0 Germany, Spain 0-3 Argentina
    3rd Place=
    Germany 4-2 Spain
    Brazil 2-1 Argentina
    Key Facts=
    Messi top scorer, Pepe gets 2 reds, Klose overtakes Ronaldo's goal record with 3 goals

  6. My predictions: for who will get through:(1st & 2nd)
    Group A: Brazil & Croatia
    Group B: Spain & Netherlands
    Group C: Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire) & Japan
    Group D: Uruguay & Italy
    Group E: France & Switzerland
    Group F: Argentina & Nigeria
    Group G: Germany & Portugal
    Group H: Belguim & Russia

    Second Round winners:
    Brazil, Spain, Italy, Uruguay, France, Argentina, Germany & Portugal.

    Quarter-Final winners:
    Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Spain

    Semi-Final Winners:
    Brazil & Spain

    4th Place: Argentina 
    3rd Place Germany
    Runner-Up: Spain
    Champions: Brazil

  7. I'd love to see the US get past group stage but I don't think they will because they just can't seem to finish when it matters…
    I'm interested in Chile though. I think they are one of the most underrated teams in this tournament and they have a chance to mix things up a lot. 

  8. Its me again am Nigerian but regarding Ghana they have won there 3 previous games against USA even knocking them out in 2010 world cup but your racist as* wouldn't know this Ghana thumped Egypt 5:0 in a single match to qualify for the worldcup and Egypt is ranked number one in Africa winning the African nations cup a record 7 times most of which was back to back Africans will be the best to predict for world cup as we watch every continents game unlike others + Ghana drew just one match in there qualifier match and won every other game

  9. funny how costa rica will suck on the world stage and the usa will beat ghana and be good when costa rica beat the usa 3-1 not 4 months ago. hmmmm….

  10. It's amazing how not one person anywhere even has Brazil not even tying a game ! I know they're home blah blah  they are overrated and I pray they lose a game when will people ever pick upsets . The ball is round my friend! Then if they do lose the other team will never get credit it's just about what they did wrong!, so sick of it

  11. i think portugal wont maked out of groups the team is getting old and they rely on christano ronaldo to win i think ghana and germany will go out of the group stages ghana played very well 2010 and germany is germany 

  12. I predicted almost exactly the same 1st and 2nd place results as you did. (Spain first in group B, Netherlands second) 
    That being said how did your elimination stages go? Thoughts on my predictions? Spain and Netherlands would be the only ones switched in your results.
    Brazil-Netherlands: Brazil
    Colombia-Italy: Colombia
    Swiss-Bos: Switzerland
    Germany-Russia: Germany
    Spain-Uruguay: Spain 
    Arg-France: Argentina
    Belgium-Portugal: Belgium

  13. England don't have a chance of winning but they seem to play better against stronger teams I can see them beating Italy drawing with uraguay and scraping a win against Costa Rica

  14. Great video and good argumentation for each decision. But as a german i have to say that our neighbours, the dutch aren't as strong as they used to be. Even dutch experts agree that they depend heavily on robben and rvp since the rest of the squad is very young. Also they have a traditionally bad defence the last decades. So i think they will certainly not top spain and prolly have huge problems with chile.

  15. Also am pessimistic about the scores you have the average is about 2.25 in recent years, and yours are pretty high scoring. I do hope you are correct though.

  16. I think GermanNerd is way to positive on European teams. First the average since 19998 of European teams advancing is 8.75. 2.75 is the average of European teams finishing last or tying for last in there group. two European teams will finish last in there groups, eight will advance to the group of 16. I can see two or more African teams finally making it to the groups of 16. Also to say that Japan have not done well in World Cups is not true. 2002 they won their group, lost to eventual 3rd place finishers Turkey. they lost to eventual Quarter finalists Paraguay on penalty kicks. I feel Ivory Coast will adance, though Japan do have a chance of going to the group of 16.

  17. nice predictions, I agree with and Hope that my favorite team Germany wins this WC but Brazil and Argentina might have something to say since they well have home field advantage.. I disagree with you in group G yes Germany will advance and the USA with them Portugal is struggling at the moment and Ronaldo isn't enough to advance just my 2 cents.. I'm probably just being a homer or a realist.. In group E it's gonna be France with Balotelli just to much talent and Ecuador they are playing excellent football at the moment unlike over rated Switzerland they are not that good and that is just being honest.. Also I think your underestimating Mexico, if they can turn that switch on, that we have seen them do in tournaments like the Gold Cup then they are on the same level as Brazil cause at the moment they own Brazil and that is with the absence of Carlos Vela for 3 years, who at the moment is taring up La Liga in Spain. Mexico has a talented team if they can manage to bring all of there players from Europe.. just saying don't be surprise if they come out number 1 from group A… But My favorite is GERMANY FIFA WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS 2014  

  18. Well my oppinion is the following! 
    -A. Brasil, Croatia, Mexico ,Cameroun. Brasil ,Mexico make it through!
    -B Spain, Netherlands ,Chile ,Australia. Spain ,Chile make it through!
    -C Columbia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan. Columbia ,Japan make it through!
    -D Uruguay, Costa Rica, Italy ,England. Uruguay ,Italy make it through!
    -E Switzerland ,Ecuador, France ,Honduras. Ecuador ,Switzerland make it through!
    -F Argentina, Bosnia Herzegovina, Iran ,Nigeria. Argentina, Nigeria!
    -G Germany, Portugal, Ghana ,USA. Germany ,Ghana!
    -H Belgium, Algeria, Russia Korea. Belgium ,Korea!
    And You are very wrong about Honduras sir , they are a highly improved team not to be underestimated ,and rather it is France that don't deserve to be in this cup with their most lousy qualifying game against the Ukrain in Kiev ,and their bizzare rematch in France where they had to play 3-0 to qualify and they did!
    Which i find very fishy!
    I say Honduras beats France, Ecuador beats Switzerland, Then Switzerland beats France ,Ecuador beats Honduras, and Switerland beats Honduras and Ecuador destroys France!Now of course it is my oppinion and anything is possible!
    The world cup will speak for itself!
    In an official competition there are no weak teams!
    And it is my finding that Brasil and Argentina meet in final and Brasil wins world cup 2014!
    Brasil will use every advantage plus the home advantage which will be one key factor including the climate!
    Europe had their glory twice in a row!
    First in 2006 with an entirely European final as well as 2010 in South Africa!
    It is South America's turn!

  19. Great predictions! Idk about group G portugal got in by beating a very weak Switzerland. USA could go on to come second in group G. The only way i see Portugal advancing ahead of USA is by Goal differential.

  20. TheLordoftheRavens February 12, 2021 at 6:01 am - Reply

    In group G, is see Germany winning 2-1 over Portugal, 2-0 over Ghana, and 4-0 over USA. It's a close group, but Germany is clearly better than the other three. They have one of the best offenses in the world, bolstered by a strong midfield. In addition, their defense is not too bad either. Only getting scored on 5 times in 7 games in 2010 is a relatively good job. I'm actually predicting the Germans to win this tournament (finally).

  21. I think South Korea will beat Algeria 4:1 beat Russia because of the climate 2:1 and lose or tie with Belgium 2:0 or maybe 3:3

  22. People who are saying Ghana are bad… Fuck off remember last World Cup they were in the quarters and would have gone to the semi if Suarez didn't hand ball off the line! Ghana will beat USA and in my opinion Portugal

  23. To me i say Europe have had their glory two world cups in a row!
    It is time for South American football right now!
    BRASIL 2014 world champions!

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