Cameroon: The Indomitable Lions | Italy 1990 | FIFA World Cup

The 1990 FIFA World Cup has many lasting memories – the brilliance of Roberto Baggio, the tears of Paul Gascoigne and the wide-eyed celebrations of adidas …

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  1. nostalgic england fan in peace. remember that game well. remember popping out for a bit when we we were 1-0 up and just as i got back i saw from outside through the living room window that cameroon had equalised from the spot. then moments later when i got inside and settled on the sofa cameroon took the lead. that gave me a real scare and was thinking is it r.millas and cos day? luckily we were given a lifeline through a penalty which was successfully converted by a certain g.lineker. from that moment on i felt that we regained control of the game and as you all know we sank cameroon in e.t by another spot kick.still one cant forget how menacing the lions were especially when their veteran who i dont need to name came on a as a 2nd half sub and helped turn the game round. and with regards to beating the champions at that time in a previous game im sure most would consider that the 1990 world cup was the height of cameroonish football

  2. Cameroon could win world Cup 1990 but lack of concentration and referees denied them otherwise Cameroon 1990 1982 Nigeria 1994 Morocco 1986 Tunisia 1978 and Algeria 1982 were the best African representative

  3. It's time for FIFA to end the internal corruption of the organisation, the time for transparency and fairness is here. Football was around befire FIFA arrived on the football scene, and it will be around when FIFA departs the planet. Football isn't about FIFA, lets get rid, and get back to normality, FIFA was floored before Covid-19, and it will be after, give the game back to it's roots, enough of all the Multi million dollar rip offs, lets end this dictatorship now!

  4. I was a 7 year old Dutch kid watching my first World Cup, and although my country wat touted as one of the favorites to lift the trophy, with players such as Van Basten, Gullit, Rijkaard, and Koeman, we were really disappointing. This Cameroon team however, stole my heart from the first game, they are still my favourite World Cup team of all time, and I doubt that will ever change at this point. I still remember doing the Roger Milla dance when I scored a goal playing with my friends, great times.

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    In 1982 World cup, Cameroon failed to advance to the second round despite finishing unbeaten in the group stage with a 0-0 tie against Poland and Peru, respectively. In their last game against Italy which ended in a 1-1 tie, Italy went on all the way to win the World Cup tournament that year.

    However, in their game against Italy Roger Milla scored a beautiful one-two winning goal that was ridiculously disallowed! Cameroon were unfairly robbed on that goal. The history of the 1982 world cup would have completely changed forever had Roger Milla's goal been allowed for Cameroon would have advanced to the second round in place of Italy!

  8. They haven’t showed the way they played through their first game. It was brutal anti football and shameful how they they played against argentina. Other than that it was okay team.

  9. what a team! as a 10 year old from Peru I was rooting for Cameroon since the first match vs Argentina and wasnt dissapointed, match after match cameroonians gave everything, they played rough but without harming others (Caniggia faked badly as soon as the red card was showed he stand up inmediately like nothing happened) the fast offensive football, the celebrations, they had everything, too bad the coach its not mention here as they found his training method unique, the final match vs England was a war, Cameroon showed to the world the potencial of the african players

  10. Romanus Bekweniwe May 14, 2021 at 11:13 pm - Reply

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  12. 6Lilies6Phillies May 14, 2021 at 11:13 pm - Reply

    I was a 9 year old kid in Sarajevo in 1990. Besides cheering for our Yugoslavia, everyone I knew in my neighborhood cheered for Cameroon. We just loved that lion on their kits.

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